Transforming emotional emergencies is a Mother's greatest power

You are your daughter’s culture

Imagine being able to lay emotional foundations for your daughter that build the BRAVE in her so she becomes the most courageous, inspirational and self-assured woman you know!

Your ability to step into your own emotional power and be able to respond with clarity and wisdom to your daughter’s emotional state is directly related to her capacity to manage her own emotional needs in the future. Learning how to be emotionally independent, equips her with the tools to understand and take charge of her feeling world,  find clarity and unlock individual potential and bravery. It holds her in her authentic, most empowered self so she can make deliberate and effective choices for her future. Your daughter has the opportunity to not only grow up, but grow up emotionally too.

I work with mothers who are ready to lay new emotional foundations that build the BRAVE in their daughters so they can feel closer than ever and become the wise mentor their daughters may not realise they’ve been looking for.

What do you need help with?

✔️ Transforming the feedback loop between you and your daughter – so you feel warm and loving much more consistently than frustrated and powerless

✔️ Education that deepens understanding of the real root cause of emotional emergencies

✔️ Engagement guidelines that naturally shift challenges into opportunities and develop emotional resilience

✔️ Tools for Building Brave beings so you aren’t constantly frustrated by having to fix ‘spot (self-esteem) fires’

✔️ Communication techniques that build harmony and connection as opposed to creating division and conflict

✔️ Strategies for sex, self-esteem and social media so you can use them to strengthen the way your daughter feels about herself

✔️ Hands on activities that build self-direction and emotional self-responsibility

I’ve decided.
Prevention is better than cure. 

What if we built foundations for our daughters to naturally become the women we aspire to be?

I’ve worked with many women over the past 13 years. Their experiences have consistently affirmed my own personal discoveries: having never had an emotional education, my thoughts, feelings and actions were driven by unconscious emotional needs I was expecting others to meet for me.

My ‘strategy’ to meet those needs meant I often sacrificed my true self, my authentic and real voice, to get love and security. I became something I was not in order to feel ok on the inside.

I want more for my daughters than that.



Expanding your understanding of the emotional world and how to use it to access levels of personal power. This will ensure you can take effective and deliberate action and alleviate frustration, powerlessness and overwhelm that often comes with raising children.


I take you through a step by step formula using your specific challenges. This formula allows you to role model the process of navigating through the emotional landscape so you will see a tangible impact on your daughter’s ability to do the same for herself.


Discover new parenting powers as you transform the unseen foundations, that feed conflict and powerlessness, into inner strength and knowing. More and more harmony and fulfilment naturally result.


Expanding your emotional awareness into all aspects of everyday life. Normalizing brave foundations as your natural way of approaching any circumstance so both you and your daughter are operating with greater ease, connection and potential in all you do.

My greatest joy comes when I see women and their daughters step into their fullest authentic power. 
I’ve observed this is most like to result when:

  1. I share from an inclusive platform, so rather than you feel broken, incomplete or like a student who knows ‘less than’,  you feel more like you’re exploring new pathways guided by a friend, who’s holding up the light (this creates healthy power dynamics which build self authority).
  2. You’re open to suggestions and ready to apply what you’re learning about, to your own situation with curiosity and a little bit of determination.
  3. The people I work with understand I’m not here to provide a quick fix or save them with a magical cure. I’m here to share with you how to free yourself by discovering your ability to unlock the solutions within yourself. 

Mentorship is a mutually beneficial engagement, a meeting of minds and hearts with the greatest of respect for the uniqueness of everybody involved.