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BE YOU. That’s all you have to do.

I’m not here to convince you of anything, sell a quick fix or encourage you to do what I do.  I’d simply like to invite you to consider a different approach to your life’s experiences. What I share is from my own experiences and the work I’ve done with others – it’s got everything to do with who I can BE and living life in a way that naturally unlocks more of my innate potential, building inner strength and clarity. What I offer isn’t for everyone – perhaps you already have everything you need to feel in control of your own circumstances, and it takes commitment.

To yourself.

Being you, requires expanding trust and respect of the natural inner wisdom of you. It’s not so much about what you do, it’s about who you are. It’s not about accumulating more information, reaching out for more things to make you right. It’s about being comfortable and secure on the inside first – a state of being that integrates all parts of yourself: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual into a unified harmony so they can work FOR you rather than against you. Then this ‘best’ you goes everywhere you go and has a positive impact on the people and the world around you.

Lisa is the founder of Bunji, a not for profit social enterprise that provides a formula that naturally creates a healthy mental lifestyle by providing education, resources and low to no cost support from a range of therapists. She is a founding member of EWomen International, Australian chapter, facilitates weekly meditation classes and supports individuals and groups through her private practice.


It’s healthy mental

Bunji. A way of living that naturally creates a healthy mental state. At Bunji, we offer a formula to meet emotional and mental health needs simultaneously, provide a place to feel safe, heard and be supported with no to low-cost access to a range of therapists.

Bunji is turning mental health on its head – to HEALTHY mental. Long lasting changes happen when we shift not just the things we do, but the way we are BEing. Imagine having a formula you could apply to every circumstance that would help you integrate your reactions, so you can make that shift. Suddenly you can feel clear, self assured (no more feeling powerless) and at peace. What’s more, your willingness in applying the formula, activates your own inner wisdom, so you begin to ‘live’ the potential of who you are, naturally.


How can you use your time to build an unshakeable inner strength so you can feel an expanding sense of love, joy and freedom in all your relationships?

Imagine being able to use the adversities you feel to make inner ‘gold’ so you always have the emotional power to pirouette gracefully into your future.

I’ve learnt that my love ‘story’, the way I used to relate to myself and others, often had me thinking (and acting) in a way that kept me separate from this incredibly strong and wise place within me. Through understanding how to use my emotions, I came to see that rather than consistently experiencing what I didn’t want (often unconsciously) I could, in fact, live in a way that created more ‘real’ love, connection and unity, naturally.

When you can see yourself clearly, you can change anything.

If you feel lost ...

Evening workshops start in December, 2020

Managing emotions of expectations around family, for women

This workshop will be focused on navigating the next 6 weeks of the silly season, with an emphasis on family dynamics and connected relationships.

How can our inner wisdom be so incredibly powerful in a woman’s ability to feel clear, self-assured and confident in or outside of our relationships? 

This is an invitation to experience a deep sense of self. to understand your purpose and feel an expanded sense of strength in all your relationships. 

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