Speaker and Author, bridging emotion and culture

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Imagine having a sense of ease with feelings of overwhelm, betrayal, anxiety, uncertainty. Can you imagine how free it would make you feel – for me it’s like jumping off a trapeze and floating down to the ground safely. 

When you can experience your life from this standpoint you have super powers because even in overwhelm and fear, you know a process that will return you to feeling a state of personal power. You may not be able to change the situation, but in your clarity and confidence, you’ll be giving yourself the chance to deal with what’s happening effectively and powerfully.  That’s a distinct life advantage.

I teach protocols designed to be applied to any situation that give you a formula for working with your emotional states, so you no longer have to feel powerless or drift into feelings of concern for your mental health.

If you’re looking for motivation that connects you to a new trajectory for personal satisfaction and empowerment in relationship, the playlist 31 days of discovering your personal power is a great place to start.

What is Emotional Evolution? In this series, I discuss what I’ve learnt and how it can completely life experience.

Inji is a social enterprise providing emotion education to women and girls to resolve underlying, often unconscious, emotional needs that drive feelings, thoughts and behaviours eventuating in unsatisfying and abusive relationships, body image issues and long term psychological disorders and addictions.  By supporting women to understand themselves and their emotions, they are empowered to shift their feeling state into personally powerful opportunities. Read more..