Tween and Teen Emotion Coaching  

Developing the tools and skills to confidently take charge of your own life
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TWEEN  and TEEN Coaching - 60 minute session

Virtual or in-person Emotions Coaching for your teen so she can:

  • Understand her emotional reactions and how to use them to access greater creativity
  • Learn the skills for interrupting patterns of reaction and develop healthier and more empowering behaviours
  • Discover the foundations of healthy, empowering relationships - and why her emotional awareness is essential for discernment and connection
  • Practice effective communication for creating innovative solutions and preventing unnecessary conflict
  • Develop skills of emotional self-regulation and co-regulation
  • Learn how to collaborate with the mind for inner strength and outer success
  • Implement and practice daily activities for emotional and mental health, including active contemplation, self reflection tools and more ...

Your daughter leaves with: 

  • An audio recording, new tools/activities to practice, readings/viewing for further inspiration 
  • No pressure, fun, accountability opportunities for growth and integration
  • Preventative emotional skills that build mental resilience, confidence and clarity of purpose 

While I'm working with your child, I can be contacted for emotional emergencies.

I recommend a 20-minute phone consultation to determine if your teen’s needs and my approach are a fit. I've learnt that a commitment to at least 5 sessions delivers optimal results, with an option to invest in the first session as a trial before purchasing the pack. (5 pack $650, initial session is $150 which can be deducted from pack price). 

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The Emotionally Powerful Mother 

Discover the 5 proven keys that naturally build the bridge to closeness by flipping the dynamics of disconnection, conflict and hurt, so you consistently build a strong and trusting relationship. 

I believe this is a Mother's EMOTIONAL advantage and I know through this inner education, a mother lays the foundations for her daughter to have healthy and enriching lifelong relationships with others.   


Download a preview - Section 2, 11 Life LessonsĀ 

Hi, I'm Lisa.

I'm a Mother of 4 and a woman passionate about emotionally educating our girls so no longer have to be activated by unconscious emotional patterns that keep them small, quiet and in unhealthy relationships.

I believe it's up to each of us to take back our inner power - to remember (and trust!) our true selves, that are intuitive, confident, wise so we cease giving away our self agency. 

By expanding our capacity to understand our unconscious emotional reactions and choices, we can finally consciously CHOOSE who we love, how we live, the way we'd like to respond and co-create amazing relationships.

As an educator, coach, author and speaker I'm determined to create a global movement of emotionally empowered mothers and girls, so together we can create a new, inspiring, healthy culture for women to flourish.


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