Imagine feeling closer to your daughter as a teen rather than further away... 

As a Mother, learning how to be an 'Emotions Whisperer' has an immediate and massive impact on the family. 

As children, our daughters are naturally dependent on us for emotional regulation ... that's part of a parents job! However as our daughter transitions into puberty, she is learning to navigate a more independent life. Your emotional skills mean you can take charge of challenges, feel confident in your responses and guide her to feel more empowered and positively engaged in her own life. 

Knowing how to hear the whispers of her own feelings and what to do next, gives her the tools and skills to shift into emotional responsibility so she doesn't have to repeat unhealthy patterns of dependency (which can impact relationships, mental wellbeing and activate addictive behaviors). 

Through the opportunities offered here, you get to transform emotional mayhem into creative solutions that build trust and deepen your feelings of connection and love. Your unseen influence expands as she benefits from your emotional understanding and this is perhaps, the most effective solution to the pressures teens face today.


MOTHERS emotional skills upgrade 

75 minute online (or in person) upskilling session. Discover the process that will start you on your way to transforming emotional reactions into new creative solutions so you can feel more deeply connected with your daughter and be able to transmit PREVENTATIVE guidance. The skills I teach offer an innovative way of working with emotional reaction and patterns,  so regardless of the challenges you face with your teen, you have a process to apply to help you return to feeling strong, clear and confident about what to do next. By upskilling your emotion education, you provide a cohesive space for your daughter to learn emotional self-regulation and the communication skills necessary to build harmonious relations. By applying what you learn, you'll enjoy more clarity, confidence and be able to respond more intuitively to emotionally charged situations. Email [email protected] for more info


  • audio recording
  • opportunities to practice/apply new tools/skills
  • followup email with summary of takeaways
  • pdf copy of mini book "The 11 things you were probably never taught about your emotions"
  • access to Feminine Force private community, for community, support, teachings, inspiration and group mentoring
  • access to a monthly strength and support group 

Investment in an initial session ($190AUD) is a great way to start, with significant discounts for ongoing engagement


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Mothering Accelerate Pack

Access new emotion tools and strategies straight away to reconfigure the relationship you have with your daughter 

Enjoy a Lifetime Access to 3 monthly teachings - VALUE $135

  • STILLNESS and LISTENING, solutions for secrecy, isolation & depression
  • LOVE and ATTACHMENT - solutions for anxiety, codependence & addiction
  • CONTROL and FREEDOM - solutions for Anorexia, Bulimia, Body Image issues

    workbooks included


  • Access to our monthly virtual support and strength groups

  • E-copy "The Emotionally Powerful Mother" 

  • Access to the "Feminine Force private FB community", so you can access further teachings, support and guidance.  You'll also be part of a movement of women illuminating the feminine force in this world! 

$99.00 AUD


CONTROL & FREEDOM - Solutions for Anorexia, Bulimia, Body image issues

Discover why Control and Freedom are inherent in the solutions for Anxiety, Co-dependency, and Addiction. In this teaching Caroline Murphy-Bennis and Lisa Jayne share how to move out of patterns you may be experiencing with your daughter that have you feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stressed.  Our teachings offer leading edge emotion education, combined with conscious re-design of relationships, so you can parent in a new paradigm and feel empowered, self-assured and more deeply connected to your daughter.  

Includes workbook, audio, access to monthly support group and FB group

$45.00 AUD


STILLNESS & LISTENING - Solutions for Secrecy, Isolation and Depression

In this teaching, learn how skills of listening and stillness can provide a new solution for secrecy, isolation and depression.  By moving into the emotional realm and becoming fluent in your own reactions, you can empower your daughter in her own emotional world.

Discover why effective emotional skills can become the preventative measures you may have been seeking. Parent in a manner that has you feeling empowered, self-assured and more deeply connected to your daughter.  

Includes workbook, audio, access to monthly support group and FB group

$45.00 AUD


LOVE & ATTACHMENT - Solutions for Anxiety, Co-dependency, Addiction

In this teaching we will share how to move from reaction to conscious action and how to remove the obstacles in the way of a flourishing relationship with your daughter.

You'll discover how healing the mother wounds as they're being activated by your emerging daughter, will completely transform how close you both feel and help prevent 'acting out' behavior from your daughter.

Includes workbook, audio, access to monthly support group and FB group

$45.00 AUD



Discover the 5 proven keys that naturally build the bridge to closeness by flipping the dynamics of disconnection, conflict and hurt, so you consistently build a strong and trusting relationship. 

I believe this is a Mother's EMOTIONAL advantage and I know through this inner education, a mother lays the foundations for her daughter to have healthy and enriching lifelong relationships with others.   

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TEEN Coaching - 60 minute session

Virtual or in-person Emotions Coaching for your teen for:

  • Understanding emotion and how to use it to access greater creativity
  • Learning the skills for interrupting emotional patterns of reaction so they can use their power for growth
  • The foundations of healthy, empowering relationships - and why their emotional awareness is essential
  • Practical and effective communication for connection and innnovative solutions
  • Emotional self-regulation and co-regulation
  • How to collaborate with the mind for inner strength and outer success
  • Daily activities for emotional and mental health, meditations, self reflection tools and more ...


Your teen leaves with: 

  • an audio recording, new tools to practice, readings/viewing for inspiration and learning and a new process for engaging emotionally in their own life for confidence, ease and purpose. 
  • Emotional skills for an easier life!

While I'm working with your child, I can be contacted for emotional emergencies. I recommend a 20-minute phone consultation to determine if your teen’s needs and my approach are a fit. I've learnt that a commitment to at least 5 sessions delivers optimal results and feel its great to have one session up front before purchasing the pack.
Investment: 5 pack $650, initial session is $150 which is deducted from the pack price once your teen commits to their emotional empowerment. 

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