Lisa Jayne, is passionate about Emotion Education. Only through education can the gap be closed between what we feel and the way we are taught to deal with our natural responses to the world we live in. Her work challenges the status quo, (it turns Maslow’s hierarchy upside down) but human progress in such times as these, is only possible when old concepts are upgraded. Feeling is a natural process of evolution and amidst chaos is the very opportunity to shift cultural foundations from an illness model, engendering long term mental and emotional health issues, suicide and social misfunctioning to a culture deeply embedded in wellness, where personal satisfaction, esteem and potential continues to expand. 

It’s because we suppress, resist, deny, ignore and medicate our feelings that we have mental health issues. The truth is, when a person understands and knows how to use the way they feel to grow and feel personally empowered,
they have no mental health issues.

“I believe in prevention, rather than cure. What a legacy we could leave for our children if we actively engage them in an emotional process that builds their self-esteem and courage every time we face a ‘crisis’. These children will grow into adults that trust themselves, can manage their emotions to shift themselves into an empowered position and from that place take effective and deliberate action. These adults will change the way they do relationship (no need for codependency), be at ease with expressing their true selves and live a powerfully authentic life of their greatest potential. That would be pretty amazing for our communities, wouldn’t it?”  Lisa Jayne

Individuals who manage their emotions powerfully, even the deepest, darkest ones, become leaders in their families and their communities. Their ability to work with their feelings, activate their personal power and live with mental clarity and strength lights up a new path, not only for themselves, but for others to follow. 

I am pleased to endorse the techniques offered by my colleague in the Health and Wellness field, Lisa Jayne. The formula Lisa uses is grounded within her innovative and path finding wellness model. Her process naturally empowers an individual to develop their own capacity to implement powerful and long term solutions to mental and emotional health imbalances. Professionally, it’s exciting to see a process that can be applied in any situation and supports individuals to consciously choose an alternative trajectory to resolve their current stressors and challenges. Lisa’s program works to prevent long term mental illness and builds the inner resilience and strength needed to traverse the challenges of our modern world.
Peter Doyle
Registered Psychologist and Founder Guidelight Psychology

The 5 VITAL KEYS offer a breath of fresh air for the maladies of our culture

As an Educator and Emotions Specialist, Lisa understands emotions can make people a little squirmy! It’s what causes the greatest social problems, the largest impact on personal productivity in the workplace and the trauma of relationship breakdowns. Yet her lighthearted, fun and inspiring approach, has her audience feeling empowered, inspired and ready to start a new trajectory to personal fulfilment and potential.

Through her entertaining stories, the 5 keys she uses provide a practical and common sense look at what’s ailing our lives and our societies. Lisa drives home a powerful message: even with all the information available, our societies are still on a downhill trajectory when it comes to mental health issues, suicides and depression. As a parent herself, Lisa demonstrates, using real life situations, how to build the brave in our children, so they will become courageous, fulfilled and inspirational adults.

Lisa captivates audiences with her down to earth, relatable stories. She offers extensive insights into what it takes to:

  • Understand the feeling response and quickly shift it to feel instant relief;
  • Use the ‘information’ contained in the feeling to take charge of what’s happening and act effectively;
  • Activate personal power to shift powerlessness, fear and overwhelm into feelings of confidence, strength and self-assurance;
  • Manage emotions powerfully to amplify personal clarity for deliberate effective decision making;
  • Reframe our ailing culture to one that naturally creates wellness and personal enjoyment of life.

At the end of her presentation, your audience will leave feeling inspired, motivated and uplifted – with effective new tools to manage their emotional world powerfully.


  • How emotional emergencies can be the door to our most authentic, powerful self
  • Sex, self-esteem and social media – how building the brave in your teen changes everything
  • Communication techniques that help you more connected so you don’t end up in conflict
  • Unlocking the true power of the mother-daughter relationship
  • Ending the feedback loop of resentment, frustration and powerlessness in your relationships
  • How to support others without ever burning out
  • Why Emotion Education prevents long term mental, emotional health issues and the incidence of abusive relationships