stepping into the power of you

If only I could free myself from those nagging feelings of I’m not doing enough, being enough. If I could close that ‘gap’ I’d feel more confident and together, instead of feeling uncertain and overwhelmed! 

These were the feelings that so often undermined how I felt in my relationships – it didn’t matter how hard I tried or even how much I actually achieved, I still felt this sense of not quite rightness – what I longed for was just as far away. This phenomena is incredibly confusing for a capable, smart woman, who has the ability to figure most things out!

I did figure it out though – and it wasn’t about using my brain, it was about using my emotions! I used them to step back into my true self and activate my inner power, the innate wisdom in me that gives me clarity and self assurance, so I can turn up in any situation at ease, exuding a sense of self-knowing and not doing that comparison, anxiety thing in my head when I scan the room!

Of course, there are other benefits. Imagine knowing exactly what you’re here for and how you’re going to do it. Or feeling calm in the face of conflict with your partner or child because you feel your inner strength and self-belief, and completely trust (when you stand in your personal power) you can intuitively find a solution that is of the greatest benefit to all of you.  In fact, using conflict to meet your emotional needs will become a thing of the past. Not a dream. It’s yours, if you want it. 

I teach you how to take charge of your feelings, using a technique that resets your trajectory and activates your inner power. Applying the protocols of emotional engagement will 

  • allow you to get in touch with your true purpose, so you can feel strong and focussed on your optimal future when you’re moving through tricky emotional times; 
  • show you a new view of yourself, so you can feel like a super woman on the inside. Aka, unstoppable, unshakeable and blessed with all the resources you need to deal with the bad guys;
  • help you feel clear on what you need to do, with who and how (while also developing your natural intuition!)
  • make you feel emotionally safe, so your relationships (and sex life!) will become increasingly satisfying and even (surprisingly?) epic!

This is the power of you when you are fully you – living your truest, most magnificent self.

Sending love, Lisa x


Every week I put aside time to meet with private clients however, spaces for private consultations are limited and my work is not for everyone. If you’d like to discuss your suitability, book a free 15 minute consult or send me your details and I’ll be in touch.

My sessions are 90 minutes and I have a number of packages to choose from. 

I am pleased to endorse the techniques offered by my colleague in the Health and Wellness field, Lisa Jayne. Lisa shares valuable self-development and personal mastery/knowledge skills in a manner that is supportive and non-judgemental. Her many years of experience and personal reflective work means that Lisa is easily able to hold a safe space for people which fosters a healing process and a return to balance for each client. The formula Lisa uses is grounded within her innovative and path finding wellness model. Focussed on personal growth and insightful remedies, her process naturally empowers an individual to develop their own capacity to implement powerful and long term solutions to mental and emotional health imbalances. Professionally, it’s exciting to see a process that can be applied in any situation and supports individuals to consciously choose an alternative trajectory to resolve their current stressors and challenges. Lisa’s program works to prevent long term mental illness and builds the inner resilience and strength needed to traverse the challenges of our modern world.
Peter Doyle
Registered Psychologist and Founder Guidelight Psychology

WHat's perfectly 'right' for you in this moment is your truth


The results from learning the emotion protocols:

  • The ability to activate your truth – ie your unique super power, using this feeling state and being able to access it in any circumstance
  • An understanding of how to use your emotion to find strength and clarity (emotions are your friends!)
  • Everything you learn can be applied to your real life situations forever, not just the next few weeks, so you can finally remove those friction points that stand in the way of being true to yourself
  • Knowledge of a formula you can apply anywhere and teach others, to help them find their truth (when they ask you how you became so magnificent) 
  • An alternative model for relationship, based in truth that will consistently expand emotional safety, transform self-doubt, fear and uncertainty and deliver an expanded experience of love you’ve probably always sensed was possible but could never quite reach
  • A tool box of words, techniques, actions that you can use to speak powerfully and be true to yourself in any situation – ie ‘living’ your truth for ongoing joy and freedom
  • Knowing who you are, how you roll and being able to create harmonious and supportive relationships wherever you are (that’s the coolest part and why the world needs you to be fully you)

7 week PROGRAM

What’s included in these powerful weeks:

  • Targeting your greatest challenges right now and activating your inner truth from within the challenge to bring emotional relief and mental clarity.
  • Learning a powerful formula to help things work better in your life right now.  Working with your emotions that may presently be holding you back, activating your inner truth to quickly transform the heat and anxiety of the moment.
  • Expert guidance on how to use your challenges to  diffuse emotional charge and channel it to open the doorway to your deep and unique truth. 
  • Get strategies to diffuse internal conflict when the head says one thing and the heart another. Find out what to do with the push and pull of powerlessness and longing.
  • Learn how to create the support structure for personal power. Stepping away from people pleasing, obligation and the abandonment of self into the power of personal truth – the real life application of this structure in response to your personal situations. 
  • How to come into alignment in difficult situations. Using your inner Truth to access flow state, overcome fear and jealousy and create a powerfully abundant life.
  • Daily results – seeing your inner Truth becoming your super power, so each moment of everyday life becomes joyful and you begin to experience an unshakeable core within which you FEEL your personal power, even in moments of discomfort


Upfront (with discount) $1300  
4 payments of AU $375 or pay weekly AU$220 per session
EZY Pay available

should you do IT?

Well… I’ve got big plans for you! But, it may not be the right time for us to work together.  Here’s some questions you could ask yourself to start the inner conversation: 

  • Do you have a situation or challenge you are currently facing that you can’t see your way out of?
  • Do you dread the thought of living another year running over the same loop in your relationships?
  • Are you feeling uncertain or anxious about your future?
  • Are you really ready to commit to your self and discover the power that accompanies emotional understanding (most important!)?
  • Do you often find yourself reacting, becoming emotional or communicating in negative ways?
  • Do you want to heal a relationship with partner, friends or family and feel a rewarding sense of connection you haven’t yet felt?
  • Have you already undertaken self-development work and want to step into the next level of self-knowing?

If you're feeling the need to step into the full power of your personal truth

I'm looking forward to talking with you!