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Imagine feeling yourself pulled into an emotional emergency… powerless, a little fearful, uncertain.

And then imagine what it would feel like to see it coming, shift your state and know how to step into an empowered state. You’d be able to speak how you feel clearly and with courage. You’d be able to take effective action not react from feeling powerless. You’d also be able to deliberately choose the direction your life is travelling in, so you’d feel much more clarity and certainty.

Your ability to step into your own emotional power and be able to respond with clarity and wisdom to your daughter’s emotional state is directly related to her capacity to manage her own emotional needs in the future. With the correct emotional education, you’re giving her the tools to understand her feeling world, know how to find clarity and inner strength when she needs it and make deliberate and effective choices for her future.

I work with women and mothers, ready to lay new emotional foundations that build the BRAVE in themselves and their daughters so they can both feel more deeply connected to their own lives and have a sense of inner courage and power. I want you to hear that you don’t have to wait for things to change in the world for you to feel empowered. There’s a way to live that experience here and now so you’re not always striving to be in a better place, feeling a gap of not quite good enough in your life. 

Imagine knowing exactly what you’re here for and how you’re going to do it. Or feeling calm in the face of conflict with your partner or child because you feel your inner strength and self-belief, and completely trust (when you stand in your personal power) you can intuitively find a solution that is of the greatest benefit to all of you.  In fact, using conflict to meet your emotional needs will become a thing of the past. Not a dream. It’s yours, if you want it. 

I mentor women ready to take charge of their feelings and want to lead their own children to a more empowered state. By using a proven formula that resets your foundations, you will activate your inner power and be living more in alignment with the true, most authentic you. The process is simple and more natural and much easier than efforting all the time to fix the shit that’s going down in your life!


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I am pleased to endorse the techniques offered by my colleague in the Health and Wellness field, Lisa Jayne. Lisa shares valuable self-development and personal mastery/knowledge skills in a manner that is supportive and non-judgemental. Her many years of experience and personal reflective work means that Lisa is easily able to hold a safe space for people which fosters a healing process and a return to balance for each client. The formula Lisa uses is grounded within her innovative and path finding wellness model. Focussed on personal growth and insightful remedies, her process naturally empowers an individual to develop their own capacity to implement powerful and long term solutions to mental and emotional health imbalances. Professionally, it’s exciting to see a process that can be applied in any situation and supports individuals to consciously choose an alternative trajectory to resolve their current stressors and challenges. Lisa’s program works to prevent long term mental illness and builds the inner resilience and strength needed to traverse the challenges of our modern world.
Peter Doyle
Registered Psychologist and Founder Guidelight Psychology

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