The Diamond Mother Ring

Illuminating the Core of the Feminine Force

Designed by Lisa Jayne & Caroline 

Are you ready for a breakthrough in the relationship with your daughter that will enlighten both of your lives forever?

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The Diamond Mother Ring 

It's time for Mothers to rise up. Our daughters need Mothers who can step into their true power and intuitively guide them through their personal challenges so they can discover their own emotional strength. By activating the feminine force in ourselves, we unlock it in our daughters - this is the solution for the C21st challenges that would otherwise have us feeling overwhelmed and powerless. We are dedicated to providing you the support and guidance you need to feel empowered in the journey you share with your daughter. Our pledge to you is to create a safe space of mutual respect & unconditional love to grow, feel understood and heard. We have your back, so you can have your daughters. 


SOLUTION FOR: Secrecy, Isolation, and Depression

In this teaching we will share how to create an emotionally safe space for your daughter so she feels heard, understood, and safe. You will also discover the way to deepen connection and trust between yourself and your daughter, and the practical strategies that give you a way forward through secrecy, isolation and depression. 

Includes: teaching, workbook and access to private support community




SOLUTION FOR: Anxiety, Codependency & Addiction

In this teaching we will share how to move from reaction to conscious action and how to remove the obstacles in the way of your flourishing relationship. You'll discover how healing the mother wounds as they're being activated by your emerging daughter, will redesign your connection and help prevent 'acting out' behavior from your daughter.

Includes: Live class, lifetime access to recorded teaching, workbook and access to private support community

Apr 3 - 9pm GMT,  1pm PST
Apr 4 - 7am AEDT



SOLUTIONS FOR: Anorexia, Bulimia, Body Image Issues

In this teaching we'll share how to move into the emerging conscious design of your relationship and discover the root cause of your fight or flight reactions so you can free yourself from recurring overwhelm, anxiety, insecurities and stress. Learn how to truly hear your daughter's emotional needs, so you both can flourish.

Includes: Live class, lifetime access to recorded teaching, workbook and access to private support community

May 3 - 9pm GMT,  1pm PST
May 4 - 7am AEDT


June teaching

Adventure & Safety 

Having the inner freedom and knowing to establish healthy boundaries for your daughter to move out into her life safely and feel empowered. Supporting their instinct to adventure out into the world, making the home environment her ‘safe’ space, and building her skills so she can adventure out safely. 

SOLUTION FOR: Teenage Truancies, Homelessness, Sneaking out of Home at Night, Lethargy, Lack of Motivation

July teaching

Transformation & Growth

Through increased self-awareness of our inherited patterns of behavior in stressful situations, we can grow beyond our limiting beliefs and integrate emotions, growing into a new, more intuitive mother. By doing this we are super modeling to our daughters how to create healthy boundaries while embracing the full spectrum of the emotional experience of our lives.

SOLUTION FOR: Toxic Relationships, Bullying, Peer Pressure 

August teaching

Ownership & Belonging

By learning to speak openly and honestly about our own emotions instead of projecting anger and frustration onto our daughters because of her behavior, we create an environment of acceptance. When your daughter feels accepted for who she is in this moment she will start to feel more deeply connection to you and will start to open up to sharing her insecurities and fears. This will help you see and hear the core of the pain that she is feeling that may be causing the symptoms you're both seeing.

SOLUTION FOR: Substance abuse, Addictions, Binge drinking

September teaching

Trust & Honesty 

Trust is your greatest superpower! Building trust is key to having an emotionally secure relationship. Trust is built over time by continuing to show up in a non-judgemental and curious disposition to whatever your daughter shares with you. Creating an environment where the attitude is learning and being in a process, rather than having to get things right and be perfect is vital.

SOLUTION FOR: Deceitfulness, Shop-lifting, Overt risk-taking

October teaching

Childhood & Blossoming 

Supporting your daughter to allow her femininity to be celebrated by building her self-esteem and teaching her Self-value. Becoming comfortable to speak openly about her periods and maturing body. Creating safe boundaries while not being afraid of her blossoming into the world and growing into the beautiful young woman she will become.

SOLUTION FOR: Self-degradation, Promiscuity, Sexting

November teaching

Autonomy & Connection 

How do we as Mothers allow our daughters their own journey - walking side by side with them as they sometimes make choices we feel are not for their greatest good? The emotional significance of true connection and how it creates powerful and healthy autonomy.

SOLUTION FOR: Emotional dependence, Depression, Lethargy

December teaching

Harmony & Rhythm

Learning about the nature of attunement to the feminine force and how to use that for the unseen cohesion in your mother-daughter relationship. Guiding your daughter into sync with her own inner harmony. Unlocking the creative force for innovation and purpose. 

SOLUTIONS FOR: Tattoos, Piercings, Health concerns

January 2023 teaching

Maturity & Beauty

How emotional maturity is not the same as physical maturity and understanding the self-empowerment that comes with emotional consciousness. The direct link between the feminine force and the expression of inner beauty. Identifying with the true self and owning the power of the body.

SOLUTION FOR:  Negative body image issues, Obsession over outer beauty

February 2023 teaching

Sexuality & Self-Love

How to teach your daughter about the true power of her own sexuality. What do we actually say when perhaps our own experiences were less than optimal. Sexuality is one doorway to the feminine force and our creative power. Guiding our daughters as they venture curiously into sexual intimacy and the concepts of their own sexuality. Learning self-allegiance in relationships.

SOLUTION FOR: Transactional sex, Pornography, Gender understanding

For all the women who work with us ... 

A private community full of care, support, teachings and inspiration!


As Mothers, there's nothing as painful as witnessing your child suffer and feeling helpless to soothe them in their despair. Or knowing their behavior is unmanageable and yet feeling powerless as they refuse to see the obvious - this is debilitating and terrifying for a parent. 

As women of any age, our contemporary times are complex and multifaceted with the advancement of social media, the fast pace of life, and Covid 19. We often face  immense pressure in our relationships as this unconscious culture fosters depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addiction and even suicide.

With the teachings we share, you'll get to experience an alternative for relationships that create an unshakeable inner power. It's simple, natural, innovative, practical, and highly effective. Our training and support means you can quickly unlock the doors to your inner-power as a parent, wife, friend or colleague. It's probably no surprise this is the secret to empowering those around you too.

By awakening your feminine force, you'll feel more confident, intuitive, and peaceful in your life.

We truly would love to welcome you into our world - we suspect you could probably use a really safe place to feel supported, know someone has your back, and can access feminine wisdom when you need it.  

Our community is free - you become a valued member as soon as you purchase a course, or work with us. 


'After only a few weeks, it's already changed the relationships I have with my children' 

Hear what Belle Lee says.


Lisa Jayne understands the parenting experience from the inside and provides caring, practical and effective ways to optimise mother daughter relationships. Amidst the pressures of puberty and the challenges of the world, Lisa teaches mothers how to remain an emotionally safe harbour for their daughters.

Jacki Short
Director Principal Psychologist & Play Therapist, Sydney Centre for Creative Change

The keys helped me understand my emotions and really helped me and my partner deal with living with teenage children and stepping back into our power. It is simple and delivered in an unpretentious and easy to digest way. We all have such busy lives, I’m so grateful Lisa stripped it back into 5 simple steps to be emotionally powerful. 

Michelle Powell
Founder Naturally Sauced, CoParent

Lisa doesn’t take the power from the person, she gives the power. We have that power and need to see it within ourselves. I feel like I can see things more clearly. Some experts tell us what to do and we are hooked onto them and feel like we can’t do it by ourselves. But with Lisa, I know I can do it on my own. It’s simple and I can follow easy. Lisa’s examples make it very palatable. Her passion for work makes me want to do it for myself. It’s empowering and light like a breath of fresh air.

Samiksha Tungare
Business Administration


Unbox your true intelligence, your intuitive power, so your daughter doesn't have to wait to find hers

Hi, I'm Lisa.

Lisa Jayne is an educator, author and speaker guiding women to awaken their own feminine force, so they can access the calling of their authentic power, transform the wounds of their feminine line and feel deeply connected to their mothers, children and partners. 

Her mission for 2022 is to guide 10,000 Mothers to activate their feminine force so they can transform the relationships they have with those around them.You can download her free mini book "The 11 Essential teachings, you were probably never taught" and access her teachings via her website HERE


I'm super excited to have this book in my therapy practice. It will be a great resource to use in mindfulness practices I do with kids and a great addition to my therapy bookcase. I'm extra excited because this book was written by my cousin and we are so proud of her, so thank you Caroline.
I can't wait to share this book with kids.

Nettie Bowie
Child & Adolescent CBT and Counsellor 


"The Rainbow Warrior is an ancient warrior princess who has been resting for one thousand years. Her mission is to build an army full of potential, with the aim of protecting and enriching our beautiful planet. Now she has awoken and needs the help of our children. This stunning children's book not only highlights the true nature of humanity, full of wonder, imagination, creativity, compassion, and love, it teaches children the power of their breath."

Alison Canavan
International Motivational Speaker, Transformational Coach & Author USA

Caroline your book is amazing! Kayla was blown away by it and she just gave us a book review on it: ‘There is a Rainbow Warrior in all of us we just have to make friends with her’. I just absolutely adored the book. I think I've found my inner Rainbow Warrior too. It was written so well and for years I'm trying to teach this to the girls. We loved it and spent an hour at lunch discussing it as a family. Thank you.

Edel Peters
Secondary School Teacher

Hi, I'm Caroline

Caroline Murphy-Bennis is a Conscious Design Consultant, lecturer, children's mindfulness book author, poet, Celtic Wisdom teacher, Mental Health advocate volunteer host on MHWarriorTV, and founder of Flourishbydesign. Caroline founded Flourishbydesign in May of 2021. Her aim is to support our evolving society by helping to create initiatives to reach our shared UN Global Goals.

Her mission is to redesign our lives and businesses in harmony with nature from the inside out. She has joined forces with Lisa Jayne on the mission for 2022 to guide 10,000 Mothers to activate their feminine force from within. To find out more about Caroline via her website Flourish By Design



Welcome to the Mother Ring!

To a conflict free home

Illuminating the Core of the Feminine Force.
Join us in the Diamond Mother Ring, where Mothers learn how to awaken their feminine force so they can raise girls who shine like diamonds!

Declare a Republic, A Free State of Mind by Caroline Murphy-Bennis

In 2015, as an antidote to her busy life in Dublin, Caroline started to renovate an old cottage on the Loop Head Peninsula, County Clare, in the West of Ireland. During this time, Caroline enjoyed time sitting in the wilderness of the beautiful Irish landscape. Surprisingly, her awareness began to expand to see the underlying universal principles present in our reality. These new insights acted as a catalyst, turning her curiosity inward. Caroline began to reflect on her inner consciousness and the collective consciousness of humanity. Declare a Republic, A Free State of Mind is a collection of poems that came from this inner journey back to the rich simplicity of nature and ultimately to the discovery of our True Nature.

Supermodel 'supermodelling' the Feminine Force Field!

In this episode, we talk Feminine Force Field with Alison Canavan. We teach mothers to be emotional 'supermodels' for their daughters, so we felt it was only apt we invite a previous supermodel onto our show -  because she is such a great demonstration of living in her Feminine Force!

The Emotionally Powerful Mother by Lisa Jayne

As a younger mother, I'd read a book or listen to a speaker, and without question, I’d take on their words as truth. I was conditioned to accept what I was told by someone I perceived as being more knowledgeable than me.

I want more for you than that.

I want you to see WHY I believe emotion education has the power to bring you and your daughter closer by naturally building deep connection and trust between you both. I want you to see WHY I believe this is a Mother's EMOTIONAL advantage.

And then I'd like you to decide for yourself - is this something you'd like to invest your time learning more about?


 Feminine First Aid

In our weekly FEMININE FIRST AID we talk with Mothers to help them apply their feminine force to personal issues or we may invite in a specialist to share wisdom. Here we speak to Carol Atkins, Artist, Intuitive and Energy Wellness Warrior!