Education for the integration of personal power in women

While we have seen great progress in shifts in cultural norms around women’s empowerment – gaps still remain. One of the most significant of these is the opportunity for every woman to be fully committed to her true self – without having to sacrifice her values, self esteem or long term happiness for acceptance, financial security or love.

Inji provides education for women around underlying, often unconscious, emotional needs that drive feelings, thoughts and behaviours eventuating in unsatisfying and abusive relationships, body image issues and long term psychological disorders and addictions.  By supporting women to understand themselves and their emotions, they are empowered to shift their feeling state into personally powerful opportunities.

Inji provides the opportunity for women to practice a love based leadership approach to the self. 

The result? Emotional relief, mental clarity and an expanding capacity for self-management of personal emotional and mental health wellness reducing the potential for long term mental illness.

At Inji, we’re passionate about changing the crisis trajectory of emotional and mental health in women, through emotionally supportive and insightful conversations, where women can feel safe and share their own wisdom of experience. Through women’s breakfasts, events and educational workshops, building connections and supportive sponsoring and mentoring, women are given a voice – the opportunity to be fully themselves. Inji is a practical and effective wellness model for living and maintains focus on solutions – as opposed to reaffirming the problems and limitations women ‘need’ to overcome. 

The integration of personal power is the result of the application of Inji’s practical formula and fosters a greater sense of certainty and acceptance in women so they can return to a life that’s enjoyable and satisfying. The emotion protocols we teach, naturally build self-confidence, self-understanding, clarity and strength so the doubt and inner conflict which once chipped away at self-belief, dissolves. 

Inji is currently delivering workshops and talks to women’s charities and NFP groups, supporting wherever possible until it is ready to launch mid 2021.

Effective and easy to use techniques 

Optional strategies for shifting emotional states

Communication that creates deeper connection and harmony

Relationships that nurture, fulfil and empower 

Belonging and friendships with other women

Emotion education accessed virtually or in person, through talks, workshops, community events 


Inji was birthed from the Australian bushfire disaster, when Lisa Jayne donated her time as an Emotions Practitioner to victims of the fires on Kangaroo Island. Lisa could see how, by not meeting the emotional needs of the people affected by the fires, long term trauma was developing. Emotion is like a snowball – integrating it at the outset prevents the snowball from getting bigger and bigger.  

Lisa’s passion is to share the education needed to change this trajectory. Throughout 2020, and through the impact of COVID, Inji shifted and morphed. There was a name change (originally “Bunji”), we formed an alliance with Daystar Charity and were joined by Trigons Business Advisory (Accountants) and Russell Kennedy Lawyers. Now in 2021, after laying some great foundations, we’re looking forward to building an online platform, getting out into our communities and organising events that bring women (and their tribes) together for connection, growth and lots of fun!

If you’d love to be a part of our journey, in any capacity, we’d love to connect with you!