Emotional Evolution

I’ve been told a lot of things about consumers of information.  I’ve been ‘told’ you have a short attention span (I don’t believe it!), that you will make a decision in the first few seconds whether or not you’ll read on. Perhaps though, what you’re looking for is ‘substance’. Substance comes with feelings of deep fulfilment, love and connection. Could you be looking for that?

I preface this article with this question, because I’m inviting you to feel why you might want to stay and read on or not – you are now making a ‘conscious’ action. Which also means you have taken responsibility for what you do next.  Read on, or not.

Many of us get told a lot of things. Hear (and often don’t listen), fear and take actions that don’t really feel right to us. Many of us make choices, based on our beliefs and conditioning, without really asking ourselves why.  Like the career we choose, the friends we choose (or that choose us), the person we marry – even the fact that we get married! Then blame others for where we end up. Most of us are shown data and many of us believe it’s true – yet data shows that 67% of all data has been manipulated. Most of us are exposed to convincing ideas, theories, images and herein make those critical (and not so critical) choices that determine our life.

Take Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. A theory. Many would consider fact. According to Maslow, everything starts with us needing to meet our physiological needs, like warmth, shelter, food, water, then we begin to look at meeting our safety needs, at which point we feel a sense of belonging and love, from which our self-esteem grows and we finally get to self-actualise. Maslow suggests it’s not until we meet our physiological needs that we are able to meet our other needs. He’s constructed a theory based on what he sees – his perceptions, which are based on his upbringing, his learning, his conditioning.

Personally, I feel this is upside down.

I’m going to hit you with the ‘feels’. When I feel at peace on the inside, everything works so much better. This is not simply an experience of my life – it’s also an observation of the lives of others I have worked with and … it’s common sense. When I feel confident, empowered I’m the best I can possibly be. When I know myself so well I stop putting myself in places that don’t work for me, where I’ll get hurt. I make conscious choices. These are choices I make because I listen and give the highest authority to my own innate wisdom. This removes resentment from my life experience – because I am not resenting myself for not following my own truth. 

Of course, I’m human so not perfect … but working from the inside out, or as Maslow would suggest from ‘self-actualisation’, to love and connection, to ‘doing’ and ‘acquiring’ in the outside world means that I am there when I get there. It also means I enjoy the ride AND that I make the best possible choices for me, so I experience a flow and a sense of inner freedom, as opposed to inner stress.

The security and freedom that comes with inner knowing, with understanding how to navigate and use emotions to feel clearer and stronger could be where we start. Imagine such a world. Connection, empathy and understanding are a byproduct, occurring as a natural consequence and not something you have to try to make happen. This world could very well manifest as reduced suicides, depression, PTSD, violence, addiction, crime, relationship drama …

I call this Emotional Evolution. 

Sending love, Lisa x