Are you ready to lay new emotional foundations that build the BRAVE in your daughter, so you can transform her emotional emergencies into confidence, expanding inner strength and wisdom?

Imagine having a relationship with your daughter that was open, connected and harmonious.  Not only would your life be more peaceful, she would be able to come to you with any problem or indecision she has.  As a Mum, knowing my daughter trusts me enough to come to me when things go wrong is extremely comforting. 

I was told all the time.
“Just wait until she’s a teenager. ”
“You’re daughter will turn into something you don’t like anymore”
“Everything will be different”

Yes. Things are different. However I’ve discovered that by building my relationship upon the  right emotional foundations the connection and love I feel for my daughter has deepened. I’ve learnt there’s a way to make every emotional emergency count and to use the friction that arises to bring us closer.  I’m not perfect and neither is she … but that’s where the beauty lies, because we are both willing to go on the journey to use what’s happening to us to feel more empowered in our own lives.

The Building Brave 5 week mentoring program is designed to give you the proven formula that will transform emotional emergencies into opportunities, a framework that builds connection with your daughter and the practical tools you can both use to navigate any challenge.

Giving your daughter this education, an emotional education, will empower her in her OWN life forever. With this gift she will become a courageous, confident and inspirational woman… and I believe there can never be too many of these in our world!


  • 2 days face to face training over one weekend
  • PLUS receive the option to participate in the online course with access to all recordings
  • PLUS “Building Brave” Book plus supplementary resources
  • PLUS 2 months free access to The Pride membership community
  • PLUS Access to Building Brave Facebook Group
  • PLUS one free small group mentoring session 



  • 5 x 2 hour sessions ONLINE Live
  • PLUS receive access to all recordings
  • PLUS “Building Brave” Book plus supplementary resources
  • PLUS 2 months free access to The Pride membership community
  • PLUS Access to Building Brave Facebook Group
  • PLUS one free small group mentoring session 


what to expect from the program

  • An understanding of how to step into an alternative dynamic of relationship with your daughter. One that is based on new emotional foundations that consistently builds the emotional safety, connection and trust you have in each other and stops the feedback loop of conflict that undermines the love you feel for each other. 
  • Knowledge of how to respond in emotional emergencies so you can turn challenging situations into awesome opportunities to transform the way your daughter thinks about herself and her ability to navigate her own emotions. (A priceless lifelong skill!)
  • Insights into the real root cause of emotional emergencies so you can prevent them from arising in the first place, saving time, stress and frustration. Which of course is energy you can put into something that feels good!
  • Knowledge of the 7 emotion protocols that act as guidelines to keep you (and your daughter) in your empowered state so the times you feel powerless and overwhelmed become less and less frequent. They also develop your daughter’s ability to be emotionally self-responsible – which will be incredibly powerful for her in future relationships.
  • Practice in the application of a step by step formula that prevents emotional reaction to life’s unpleasant situations so you and your daughter are more able to respond effectively, deliberately and with clarity.
  • A tool box of words, techniques, actions to use that actually prevent your daughter’s reaction and resistance, rather than fuel conflict between you. Your communication techniques will be building the brave in her and you, so you can both feel more empowered in your own lives. 
  • Specific strategies that you can use to deal with the tough (and frightening) situations that crop up around sex, self-esteem and social media.

  • Inspiration from using real life scenarios – your own and others, so you feel confident in the application of what you have learnt and know how to transfer that knowledge to different situations.

  • An opportunity to feel the support of other mothers and perhaps even decide you might like to participate as a Building Brave mentor yourself at some time in the future. 

Are you ready to start Building Brave?

Great! I can't wait to meet you.