For years men have been united in war

connection emotional evolution feminine force feminine power Jun 28, 2022

Now it's time for women to be united in love.

Up until now, woman has played within the dynamic of separation.  Separation from her true power. The power of her heart, attuned to the heart of others.  Relationships generated recurring feelings of powerlessness, resentment, frustration, anger and blame. This is not her true dynamic – it is the program of war. Here, feelings are reactions, launched at one another, to create some sort of resolution – which often only causes her more pain and confusion. 

But there’s a rumbling. A movement.

She is ready to walk through a new door. She moves for other women, with other women and because of other women.  Mothers seek a new relationship with their daughters, one that’s emotionally attuned and connected. Daughters seek a deeper, more honest relationship with their mothers and grandmothers.  Women seek an end to the programs that have kept them trapped in the must ‘have a relationship’, ‘be more beautiful’, ‘fix everyone else’ loop. There is another way to be in relationship with herself (and others) and she senses it. A state where relationships are deeply founded in self-knowing, self-honour, self-respect and the courage that is generated from an open, loving heart. These relationships create deep connection, support and acceptance. They foster emotional safety, respect and personal growth. They are emotionally responsible and relationally sacred. They grow, are fluid and don’t stagnate or become habitual. 

Woman is feeling

the strength of other women, coming together without fear or insecurities. Woman is ready to expand the narrative she has grown up with, to discover the untapped power of her natural state – the experience of thinking, speaking and acting from the true self. Unfiltered, without obligation to others, or to please … but with pure courageous love for herself and the people around her. 


Casting off the chains of emotional bondage, woman is coming to know who she really is and how to express her greatest potential without bounds and with courage.  Woman is ready to let go of the frustration, the repetitive cycles that keep her trapped, to see the veil of conflict, caused by separation, that keeps her true power hidden from her. She is ready to cast off all that keeps her small. With love. Because that’s who she is at her core. An expression of pure love. There can be no greater power.

Self Understanding. 

Woman knows what holds her back is the way she feels. What stops her from speaking up, from sharing her true feelings, from taking the action she knows to take? The way she feels. Fear of being alone, of financial insecurity, imposter syndrome, insecurity, self doubt, anxiety … once these feelings stopped her. Now, returning to the love of her heart, she sees only opportunities in every feeling, to deepen the love she has for herself. She claims emotional attunement as her birth right, and feels how her attunement influences the attunement in others. 

Like golden threads, 

connecting the divine feminine spirit in all of us, the power of love is transforming relationships as woman reclaims her emotional self from the dynamic of war and rests it safely back into her own hearts. Precisely where it belongs. 

Are you ready?

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Sending love, 

LIsa x 

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