3 things people say that may invalidate you

connection emotional evolution relationships validation May 16, 2022

Validation. I watched this great short film that used validating a parking tickets as a metaphor for personal validation...how wonderful it feels to be seen and heard! Not for anything we have done, just for BEING who we are in this moment. 

You know that feeling that you aren't heard? That no one understands me? You can talk as much as you like to your partner and yet you still feel like they are not listening. Well, that's all about validation. When I share my feelings with someone and they don't have the capacity to validate me, I don't feel heard. My capacity to 'hear' another person, to support them so they feel heard and understood is directly related to my capacity to emotionally validate them. 

"I hear you." or "Wow, that's tough" or "I remember feeling that way, it sucks." or "Why wouldn't you feel like that, it makes perfect sense given what you've jus been through." are wonderful ways to validate. It took me a long while to learn this skill - I was busy fixing, trying to give people solutions to the problem they were sharing with me. Not only do they not feel heard, but they don't get the chance to process their feelings. By taking responsibility for the way they feel and trying to fix it, they don't get to take responsibility for the way they feel and own it ... which also means they don't heal. Instead the feeling gets suppressed, denied, resisted, bottled up ... and neither of us gets to use the moment to grow and become a greater version of ourselves. 

Taking feeling responsibility for others, is impossible and creates an unhealthy dynamic which disconnects us and undermines the quality of relationship we are having. Validating builds connection, improves the quality of our relationships and helps us access our 'true state' of being because we are given the chance to be all of who we are right here and now. 

On the feminine force this week, Caroline had three examples of invalidation and we discussed how to change the words for a better way of responding that adds to the connection and love in your relationships. Listen to this 15 minute segment here.

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Lisa Jayne is an Emotions Educator, Relationship Coach, Author and Speaker helping women integrate their emotions so they can reawaken their own feminine force and feel the clarity of their inner knowing, the strength of their true state and access their intuitive wisdom. She enjoys helping mothers of girls activate this force in their relationship, so they can feel more deeply connected and build a powerful alternative culture within which their daughters can emerge into their true brilliance.


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