Time to take off your roses-tinted glasses!

blog connection feminine force field Jun 28, 2022

It's always perplexed me, when I look back on past relationships or behaviours, how at the time, I just couldn't see the 'reality'.  How unaware I was that I was seeing things through a veil that had been created by my own wounds and past experiences. As my awareness has expanded, I've built my capacity to see the false as false and this has freed me up no end in all my relationships.

If you're ready to look at life unfiltered by the perceptions from your wounds, listen in as we shine a light on the frames that hinder us from seeing TRUTH. Join Lisa Jayne and Caroline Murphy-Bennis as they share about their life experiences through those rose tinted glasses and how perplexing it is when you look back, that you had no idea they were covering your eyes!

Watch the full video here:  It's a 13 minute watch

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