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blog emotional evolution Jul 21, 2022

Caroline and I interviewed Queen of the Wild, Brittany Laidlaw, and were so inspired by the way she uses nature to guid women back to their truest self. Britt held nothing back, she told us about EARTHED - her attempt to utilise the patterns of nature to reconnect back into our true self. 

Earthed is an acronym
E - energy map (springtime energy) how we begin things matters!
A - Allies - between spring and summer, moving towards adolescence when we need allies. We need support for our nervous systems. Our ancestors, mentorship our neuroprocesses - all the systems we can use
R - Remembering - reconnecting with the deep language of our bodies. Our sensory and our sexuality. Understanding how to communicate with our own bodies and our natural world. 
T - Transmute past emotional pain and wounds into our personal power. 
H - Harvest - This is autumn - letting go of what we need to release and the result is the harvest. 
E - Emergence - relationships and kinship freely flows with the natural world and our purpose arises up and through us from the earth and our clear communication with earth. 
D - Death and digest - how we relate to death and allow the old to die and digest our experiences (the integration phase). 

What is the mythical journey women go on through our own embodied experience? What do we really need?  How do women go on our own Heroine's  journey ... and who are you really?

This is a 60 minute listen and so juicy!  You can listen here 

My last word, I think this quote is brilliant!

"When we get into the (inner) mud, go down into the depths and trudge through it, we build our unfuckwithable nature!"

My heartfelt thanks to Britt and Caroline! 

When you watch it, let me know what you think!

Lisa x



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