What every woman should know about men

connection emotional evolution relationships Jun 07, 2022

In this juicy conversation with Dr Sherrie Campbell, PhD, I heard some great inside info on men!

Sherrie suggested there are 2 types of women ... one who stands at the edge of the island with her thumb out hitching a ride on whatever pirate ship comes along and ends up rowing hard, without a lot of appreciation, sacrificing her own needs to keep every one happy and make sure she is still loved. That was me as a teen ,,, aargh!

Then there are the women in the middle of the island - having fun, living their own best life, in magic and joy, loving every moment. And they are the ones attracting men like bees to honey ... 

Discover how to stand in your authentic self and communicate to men in a way that raws him to you rather than pushes him away. Sherrie is candid, raw and a little confronting ... great elements to help us all grow!

Watch the full interview here https://youtu.be/Ek0V77DGOo0


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