My oh wow moment

connection consciousness emotion emotional evolution feminine force mystical mindset Aug 28, 2022

For so many years I have consciously been active towards manifesting what I want - sometimes wishing things would come faster, more easily, more now!

This morning it struck me, it's not about me. It's not about me getting what I want now. I was humbled by the thought ... It's about me being in the perfect spot at the perfect time, so I can be in my 'right' position within the greater wheel of life. How can I know the timing of things with my limited perspective of Life? How  can I know that me being exactly where I am right now is imperative for someone (or something) else to grow? I had this clear insight that the piece of the puzzle I am looking at (and often trying to control) is such a small, small, small piece! Without being able to see the whole puzzle, how would I know what's truly best?
From my limited perspective, I cannot see the other components that may need to be assembled first so I can experience the greatest version of my hearts desires. I wouldn't know. Because I'm so focused on me.
My ego thinks I actually have the capacity to see what I need. My heart knows I can only see this moment. A moment which also happens to be part of an eternal moment, which I only have the capacity to FEEL. And that's only if I pay attention.
I'm humbled with the thought: It's not about me. It's about all of us. And because it's about all of us, I'm a critical component. I have to be in my right place, so you can be in yours. And vice versa...
Big sigh. I have to let go, there's no way I could orchestrate that.
So, I'm letting go, knowing there's a greater intelligence, that KNOWS the whole picture and can get me into that perfect position where I'm living the expression of my greatest self. Which, by the way, is fundamental for all of us to live our greatest lives. What a lovely thing to do for each other - shifting from ego to heart.
Sending love,
Lisa x

(Artwork by Aria Jade)




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