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Speaker, Author, Emotions Educator – Bridging emotion and culture

I spent the first 37 years of my life trying to close the gap between where I actually was and where I really wanted to be – in my relationship, as a parent, in my working life, with my finances and in my body. I consistently faced the same disruptive feelings, presenting as different situations that I was always trying to fix or resolve in my search for satisfaction and fulfilment. If I could only go back and tell the younger me what I know today …

Older me: You know, you can’t ‘learn’ the way to close the gap. It’s all about the feelings.

Younger me: If I just do that course I saw, read that latest book, go to that expert, try harder, love more, love differently, meditate more…

OM: Well, you can. But you’ll always feel the gap … haven’t you noticed?  That persistent feeling will continue to crop up and

YM: Yes, but I haven’t tried everything yet. 

OM: OK. Well. When you’re ready, life can be much less frustrating and overwhelming if you learn to engage in and understand the feeling.

YM: How can it be? Take a reality check, feelings are the opposite – painful and hard. Uncomfortable. Why would I want to learn about them. I just want them gone.  

OM: Yes that’s how it seems. But there’s a frame which underpins everything you do and while ever you’re launching from within that frame, you’ll be stuck in a loop. Same feeling different event. You’ll always be trying to close the gap, be somewhere better, because the frame keeps you separate from your personal power. The gap is where you’re not standing in your truth (being true to yourself) and that generates a very uncomfortable feeling. 

YM: That’s impossible. I would have read about it, or learnt it at school.

OM: What if it’s so hidden and has become so embedded into the way you relate, you can’t even see it? Just like you can’t see the wind, but often you can feel its effects.

YM: OK so say that’s true. How can I get out of it? and … wait… maybe I don’t really want to.  I mean, I sort of feel a bit comfortable with what I’m doing. What would I have to do anyway?

OM: Understand your emotions, educate yourself in the experience of them – they’re a door. 

And that was where it all began. I started to integrate the way I felt into the way I lived, by building a relationship with them. I used the gift of my emotion to point me to my personal truth within challenges (ie my most empowered state). Now, after working with thousands of people, I’ve observed it’s possible to have an emotion education – a way of engaging in the feeling experience that is your life, naturally, so it activates personal power and you can be your truest self. That’s such a relief. 


Lisa Jayne is a passionate advocate for bridging emotion and culture, so we can live feeling a sense of personal power and really enjoy the life experience we are living.  She has developed protocols for engagement and powerful emotion techniques that very quickly shift a trajectory from despair and powerlessness, to clarity, confidence and self-assurance. 

As a creative, her work melds quirky illustrations, real life stories and experiential learning to help people understand and use their emotions to activate an optimal and satisfyingly authentic, life experience. Lisa is an author, speaker and consultant to business as well as occasionally offering private consultations.


Over the past 15 years, Lisa has steadily increased her focus on bridging emotion and culture because of the results she has seen in peoples lives when they learn how to respond from an inwardly empowered state to each of life’s moments. With a background in education, Lisa has taught children, teenagers and young adults in a variety of modalities. She holds a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Economics and worked as a business analyst, going on to own and operate her own retail business for 10 years before shifting into private practice.

Lisa has worked with individuals and couples, facilitated workshops and presented to both corporate and community audiences.  She has delivered emotion education to women and men, from school children and teachers, to business leaders. From working with thousands of clients Lisa has developed a set of protocols to engage with emotions for powerful results that supports individuals to ‘respond’ to life’s challenges in a way that rapidly brings a sense of relief and mental clarity. Her formula naturally creates a lifestyle for healthy mental people – people who know exactly what to do to take charge of their own mental and emotional wellbeing.

Her passion is to bridge the gap between emotion and culture to prevent society’s long term mental and emotional health issues and empower individuals in their everyday lives. She has founded Inji, a not for profit social enterprise, to provide online courses and emotion education in schools, organizations and community groups.

Lisa also works with courageous and capable women to use their emotion to step into the full power of their own personal truth so they can activate authentic connections and lead their families, workplaces and communities for the greater good.

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