3 INSTANT WAYS to be mama-mazing!

Are you feeling more and more disconnected from your daughter as she gets older … becoming a teenager can bring feelings of powerlessness, resentment and frustration for you both!

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It works, it gets in. It’s like a knife that cuts through all the layers. It's straight forward and it's fast. In a few weeks of working with you, I’m no longer living in my story and starting to live my truth and it’s already changed the relationships I have with my children.

Belle L

This morning I spoke up...yep...I spoke to my daughter about something I've been meaning to say to her....she actually listened and didn't freak out too much. I'm already feeling a slight shift, just knowing I'm making an effort for improving my emotional world and relationships. Thanks Lisa.

Julie B

I feel more in control of my thoughts. I can definitely see the difference between what I think and what I do and what happens, I feel more at ease, calmer, it has really helped. What you’ve shared is straight forward, there’s no airy fairy. It's so practical, very practical and it’s a guide for day to day living and taking your power back.

Julie P

I see the small changes I’m making and they are making a difference! I feel lighter and more peaceful. I also feel more sure of myself.

Annabel M


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