I received a lovely text from my father the other day. “Your (always) positive approach to life would have been a great asset this year.” These words, a demonstration of how others see me, left me with a feeling.

I wasn’t always so positive throughout 2020. There were times I felt overwhelmed, frustrated and aimless. There were times I wanted to give up and times I wanted to run away. I realised when I thought about this, that I’ve developed perhaps one of the best skills I’ve ever learnt (and practiced!). My ‘skill’ was being able to see each emotional upset as the way to discover MY truth – and I define this as a feeling of inner strength and clarity. A feeling of knowing that although I am not ‘in control’, I have the capacity to take charge of the situation to the best of my ability and act in a way that will support me to feel empowered.

With my practice, emotional discomfort does not make me feel fear or dread – you know that feeling of “Oh no, I’m going to feel like this forever. How will I ever get out of this?” It might not always be “bring it on …”, but I can embrace those feelings of discomfort as a normal part of my life experience. I’ve learnt that my personal power relies on my being able to understand and take full responsibility for the feeling I’m having. I’ve learnt that it’s my unresolved emotion, conscious and unconscious, that stands in between me and the life I aspire to live … so I use whatever feeling I’m having to show me where to look to remove the discomfort. By being willing to work with the feeling rather than against it, I can see what I need to do to diffuse the feeling I’m having. I don’t have to enjoy the discomfort, I just have to know it’s there for me to use – for growth and understanding. This attitude keeps me ‘open’ and also allows the intensity of any emotion to pass more quickly.

Because 2020 was so challenging, I’d love to invite you to consider preparing yourself for 2021 by developing your own ‘superpower’ through the practice of seeing everything that happens to you as an opportunity to activate dormant personal power. With every feeling of overwhelm, resentment, powerlessness … use it to investigate what it is you need to do to take back your power in a situation.

Remembering that my emotion points to where I need to take action, helps me identify exactly what actions to take to feel stronger, more optimistic and empowered. It’s true – finding my truth has made an invaluable contribution to the life I live … and sharing that experience makes my personal journey even more significant.

Sending you love for a wonderful 2021,

Lisa x

Lisa Jayne is an Emotions Practitioner, Speaker and Author, sharing with women the way to discover their own truth within any situation, so they can access personal power and feel the emotional relief and mental clarity that comes with it. Lisa works with only a few new clients each month, so if you value the development of your true feminine power, you can email, telling her a little more about your situation, for a response.